Punishing racist Chelsea fans is not a black and white matter

Corum Franklin
Corum Franklin

By Andrew Clark

Racist Chelsea Football Club fans are not a product of the club, but an issue that should be dealt with by society, according to members of De Montfort University.
Supporters of the club were criticised for xenophobic chanting in Paris on Tuesday ahead of a Champions League game, when they prevented a black commuter from entering a train.
However, football fans and non-fans at DMU suggest that the club shouldn’t have to take as much responsibility as UEFA and society in general.
Kush Samaria
Kush Samaria
Corum Franklin, a 22-year-old drama studies student, said: “I don’t think it should be on the football club at all, it’s an issue of education; this isn’t a football problem, this is a culture problem.
“The fans don’t represent the team, they can’t help the type of fans they get.”
Zoe Van-de-Velde, an Art and Design teacher, said she believed Chelsea should not take as much responsibility as European law enforcement agencies.
She said: “I think they should be prosecuted. Obviously it’s illegal, because it’s discrimination.”
She also believes the punishment should not be restricted to the one fan stopping the black commuter from getting on the train.
Sam Tingley
Sam Tingley
“It goes beyond one person pushing another off a train, it’s a group mentality.”
Kush Sumaria, a 21-year old Manchester United fan believes the issue is a matter of disrespect beyond football hooligan culture.
He said: “Chelsea fans went there as guests and you can’t do that to the host country.”
He suggests that UEFA should be under more pressure than Chelsea FC, despite restrictions that prevent them from punishing fans’ misbehaviour outside of football stadiums.
“There’s the ‘Say No to Racism campaign’, so if they do stand by what they say, they should be kicked out by UEFA.”
Chelsea FC fan has also highlighted the hypocrisy of racist Chelsea fans.
Sam Tingley, a 22-year-old Business and Management student, said: “I saw the video and I was a bit disgusted to be honest.”
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