Top film director gives advice to DMU students

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 13.58.24 Katrina Oliver An experienced assistant-director has visited Leicester to impart his wisdom of working in the film industry.

Terry Bamber, who has worked on films such as 101 Dalmations, World War Z and Skyfall, opened the Leicester Media School and gave a guest lecture.
Mr Bamber said: “I was very lucky in my career that my father and uncles were already working in the industry so from an early age I had access to the studios and I fell into my career.
“I want to give something back to the industry because there are people who are desperate to get their foot in the door and don’t have the contacts I had.
‘”You just need that one lucky phone call to be in the right place at the right time and suddenly you’re in a stratosphere of travel and meeting fantastic people.” Mr Bamber is currently working on a project in Belfast with the organisation Cinemagic to celebrate their 25th anniversary.
He added: “We are making a film, which is co-sponsored by the BBC and UTV in Northern Ireland.”
For more information on the Leicester Media School, visit…/schools-and-departments/leicester-media-school/ Keep an eye on to see the full interview soon.

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