Don’t take risks with cheap fireworks

10173803_410491782436406_1224016351815288792_nJacob Jarvis

Cheap fireworks might not be the best value for money for Leicestershire residents, a retailer has said.

Illegally sold and discounted rockets, fountains and roman candles are being distributed around the city but people are reminded to be cautious with their purchases.
Firework shop boss Mike Panayi, who runs Leicester Fireworks on Narborough Road, said: “People are being a bit more cautious with this year with their money when they’re buying fireworks.
“But buying fireworks illegally out of the back of a van can be very dangerous, normally they’re copies and they’re not good quality.”
Buyers should check that products are BS or CE approved and should also read the specifications to check they are appropriate for their use. From storage, to setting up and to setting them off, care must be taken with fireworks at every stage.
Mr Panayi added: “Most people don’t know what they’re buying and more shops should encourage firework safety.”
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