Christmas shoppers go digital


Kristina Ivoskyte

Convenience and receiving parcels through the post are two of the reasons why more and more Leicestershire shoppers are going online to buy Christmas presents.

Seven out of ten people prefer to buy their gifts online than visiting the High Street, a snapshot survey carried out in Leicester city centre has found. Present buyers surveyed said they preferred digital shopping because it was faster and cheaper, according to the research undertaken by The Leicestershire Press.
Sharon Makepeace (44) said: “Ebay or Amazon is the way to go for me, less fuss and I can even get everything wrapped and ready to go under the tree days before Christmas itself.”
Kate Roland, a mother of three, from Coalville, believes online shopping is a lot cheaper for people on a budget. The 33-year-old said: “I always go around shops to get a look of the toys I want to buy and then I try to find deals to get them cheaper online.”
Kate said getting a package delivered by the postman “topped off the Christmas spirit”, adding: “It gives the idea of Santa Claus himself delivering the gift, you almost forget you have spent the money.”

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