VIDEO: Pakistani cultural ball to be held in Leicester

A cultural ball is going to be held in Leicester at the end of March.

De Montfort University aims to give free reusable cups to students

De Montfort University is aiming to give students a free, sustainable cup to reduce the amount of plastic used on campus.

Departments faculty team first to take trophy home in DMU competition

Last week, 6 teams from 6 faculties faced off in a series of contests in the 1st week of De Montfort University’s Faculty Championship.

Orionid meteor shower to light up Leicester skies

The Orionid meteor shower is set to light up the skies above Leicestershire this weekend.

Free advice being offered to young people around Leicestershire on how to vote

By Jake Piercy Young people across Leicester are being encouraged to register to vote as soon as possible by the Leicestershire Citizens Advice Bureau. The group has been targeting students and young people in particular due to their contribution to the vast numbers of no-voters in previous elections, which is shown by the 16 million […]