Business owner of semi-independent housing motivated by helping young people flourish 

by Latoyah Walker

The business owner of semi-independent living homes in Leicester said what motivates her is being able to help young people unlearn certain unhealthy habits or patterns in their lives.  

Beth Anderson started off as a social worker but then later started her own business, Maze Independent Care Ltd, back in 2016 as she wanted to do more for young people, who for various reasons could no longer live in a family home but needed accommodation where they could be semi-independent.  

Beth runs several semi-independent homes across the East Midlands and said working with young people in difficult circumstances is not something that gives immediate gratification but is ‘a very long piece of work.’ 

She said: “Day to day can not only be challenging dealing with young people who are not only going through adolescence, but also trauma neglect and missing their families.” 

Beth expressed how the most rewarding part of her job is seeing young people grow up into young adults and living their best lives and being independent.  

“I believe all young people can succeed and do well in life,” she added. 

Beth makes sure the staff she hires will be good role models for the children and act as a replacement for their families.  

She explained that being a business owner she has also seen the job transform the lives of staff. 

“I have seen their confidence grow,” Beth said, who also has four children of her own, aged 14 to 24.

“It would be amazing to think that the young people that come to us leave with good memories, and feeling like they were cared for and loved. 

“To be able to offer people a career in something that they love doing is nice to say and an honour to do.” 

Reroll Board Game Cafe in Leicester gaining popularity

By Callam Banghard

A board game café in Leicester city centre is starting to gain popularity and is open to all who want to have a fun time.

Venue: the Reroll Board Game Cafe

Reroll Board Game Café is a place where people can play board games, eat meals, spend time with friends, and participate in regular events.

“The café is open seven days a week,” said Sam Cunnington, the manager of Reroll.

The venue has multiple rooms where people can play games and even has a bar included where people can relax with friends. You don’t even need to play games, Sam said everyone is welcome.

He added: “We have over 400 board games with events scheduled every week and we have a menu to cater for everyone’s needs and dietary requirements.

“Some of the most popular games that people play include Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.”

The café has multiple other games and events for people to play, including Monopoly or Pokémon TCG tournaments.

Sam said: “During trading card events, up to 20 people show up, during social events, it ranges between 10-20 people.”

Fees depend on the type of event that is taking place. For board games, there is a £2 per hourly fee.  

“I have always loved working in hospitality and I’ve always loved games,” explained Sam, “so I decided to use my skills to create a café for others to enjoy.

“We have a very active discord and other social media pages.”

More information visit

DMU Students prepare for upcoming University Dance Festival

By Callam Banghard

Students are working hard for the DMU University Dance Festival which will take place at DMU, Leicester tomorrow (FRI,JUNE2) and Saturday.

Rehearsing: students prepare for their big show (Photo by Harry Booker)

Senior lecturers Josh Slater and Mel Knott said a lot of preparation has gone into the festival and the students have gained a lot of skills/opportunities through rehearsals for it.

Josh said: “The festival has been going on for over 20 years and is sold out every year as it is very well known.

“We have around 35 students who are participating in the event.”

He added: “It took nine months from September, with the first piece being created in November and things got more and more intense as time went on.”

Mel said: “There is a lot of demand for different spaces due to exams and this has made things more challenging for both students and staff members.”

Despite the challenges that the dance team have had to overcome, Mel praised the students for “adapting to different spaces.”

The festival has also provided different skills and opportunities for the students through live performances and rehearsals.

“Important people in the industry have come to watch performances by the students and this has opened up good post-graduation opportunities for the students and has allowed them to evolve by challenging them creatively,” Josh said.

“They get treated as professionals as if they are already working in the industry and this has improved their ability to collaborate and become more independent.”

Mel added: “We are trying to expand the boundaries between training and professional work by developing the students as artists.”

The University Dance Festival will be held at The Venue @ DMU in Western Boulevard, starting at 7pm, Friday and Saturday.

Tickets cost £5 from

Leicester Recovery College offers services for those with mental health challenges

By Callam Banghard

The Leicester Recovery College is offering a range of services to help those who live with mental health challenges aged 18 and over.

The Leicester Recovery College is an inclusive, learning, training and employment programme that aims to empower people to learn and contribute to the community.  

It offers training services in core areas such as numeracy/literacy skills, vocational activities such as musical classes, tailored support for personal goals and even personalised support to people looking to find employment.

It aims to support people in gaining skills and confidence and progress however they choose.

For more information visit

Free football sessions offered in Leicester as part of mental wellbeing project

By Callam Banghard

Free football sessions are being held in Leicester as a part of wellbeing projects which also includes arts and crafts, creative writing, cooking and more activities.

The Bridge Leicester is a charity for the homeless that aims to treat people with specific needs and provides access to a whole range of therapeutic and empowering services to support those who need it.

The football sessions are available to men and women aged 18 or above and all abilities are welcome.

Sessions will be held on Saturdays at 10am at Cruyff Court, Willow Street, Leicester.

For more information, visit