Christian OnlyFans model Nita Marie on her ‘threesomes’ with God

Faith is a powerful thing – especially when it enters the bedroom. Here, Thomas Carter tells the story of a connection to the Lord that goes far beyond the pulpit…

Christian OnlyFans model Nita Marie, who says she has 'threesomes' with God
IN GOD SHE TRUSTS: Nita Marie (above) believes that a strong connection to faith improves her intimate life (Photo credit: Nita Marie)

By most accounts, Nita Marie is your everyday mother. Loving husband, twin daughters, and a job in sales. Very normal. Apart from the small fact that she is also a nude model. And not just any one at that – but a nude model with a calling from God.

“When I started modelling, I just wanted to learn the art of seduction,” she says, “but now I really feel like God led me to this.”

Nita (or ‘Mama Nita’ as she’s known to her fans) is a lively Colorado native, with striking blonde hair and an unshakeable connection to her faith.

“Some people thought I was being led by Satan!” she says, holding her crucifix necklace.

“Anytime someone is a believer, they’re always asking God what the next steps should be, and I’ve done that throughout my whole career.”

First modelling back in her college days, Nita would take a lengthy hiatus from adult photography, returning to the scene four years ago on a religious mission to rediscover her sexuality.

Now 46, she spends her days selling nude pictures and videos on streaming site OnlyFans to a loyal following of more than 100,000 paying subscribers.

“It was a leap of faith to even start doing it because nobody I knew was in the adult world,” she says. 

“I come from a place that is totally different, very conservative, no one would have ever expected me to do it.

“It was definitely a shock to most people, and it still is.”

Perhaps highest on the ‘surprised’ list were her parents, who found out about their daughter’s new career via an email from some mortified friends.

“They had a little heart attack!” says Nita. She lets out a nervous laugh, reliving the moment her parents learned the news.

“It’s not that I didn’t want them to know, I just didn’t feel like it was necessary for them to find out – I thought it would add a lot of stress.

“In my other work the uniform makes you feel frumpy, all buttoned up, so when I started posting pictures with cleavage or without a bra on, that’s where I got the craziest reaction.”

Astonished as some may be, her success is indisputable. Over a short period Nita has appeared on ITV’s This Morning and racked up more than half a million followers on social media.

Besides what is there to be ashamed of, she says, when making more money in the space of a day selling pictures through OnlyFans than she would in a month at her sales job.

Financial prosperity aside, Nita is still keen to emphasise her role as a religious servant, even if nude modelling is somewhat of a far cry from the Ten Commandments.

“I feel like God called me to this because there are lonely men out there who just need someone to talk to,” she says.

“One part of my calling is to fulfill that ‘mommy’ role for them, because there are actually a lot of men that have ‘mommy issues’. 

“There’s a huge kink of step-mom attraction, and it’s a fantasy they like to play out on my page.”

Even though Nita is “taking care of her boys” in a virtual sense, the relationships formed are, she insists, genuine emotional connections.

And there is perhaps no better evidence of this than her husband, whom she met during his time as a fan on her site.

“We met because of my modelling, in a Facebook group, and his comments always popped out at me,” she says, grinning.

“I actually reached out to him for help on a project, and he didn’t want anything in return, which was super attractive to me.”

Having spent the eight years prior in a (somewhat ironically) asexual relationship, Nita’s fan romance was a welcome change to her life, with marriage following shortly after meeting.

This time round Nita was determined to not repeat mistakes of the past, meaning the Lord would enter her marital life on a far more intimate level – in the bedroom.

“A threesome with God is really just inviting him in,” she says.

“God prepares me, and gives me confidence to talk about certain issues. It gives me the opportunity to be more open, and as I’m more vulnerable, the sex is amazing.”

“I have always made a point that God would be in our intimate life as well as our emotional life, and it has really made a difference with us being connected.”

Her husband, a spiritual person but far from a devout church-goer, is supposedly fine with this arrangement, or as Nita puts it: “He isn’t going to say no.”

But while affairs in the bedroom seem to be agreeable, Nita’s partner is slightly more agnostic in his view of her work.

“He gets more protective of me when I do content with other people, so I’ve tamed it back,” she explains.

“Now I do more solo content, as it’s something he wanted me to do. It’s good because we’re evolving.”

With motherhood at the heart of everything she does, Nita believes transparency regarding her work should be extended to her entire family, including her nine-year-old twin daughters.

“A lot of people have said I shouldn’t do modelling because of the girls, but the interesting thing is they are very supportive of it,” she says.

“My kids call it ‘body positive’ modelling, and they say: ”Mom, we’re so lucky you do OnlyFans!”

But still the question remains; is it really worth selling revealing pictures online if it means being shunned by friends and those in your religious community? Her answer, quite simply, is yes.

“A lot of my Christian friends are now very inspired by what I’m doing,” she says.

“They come to me saying about how a woman needs to feel empowered in her body and sexuality because we don’t talk about it enough in the Christian faith.

“Plus who knows what I’ll be doing in three or four years, I may be doing something completely different!

“If we put people in boxes it doesn’t give them the chance to change, to evolve and grow.”

In this view, Nita Marie is in fact your canonical mother. The only differing factor, of course, is found in her religious calling of truly unorthodox proportions.

Leicester based Philadelphia Eagles fans react to unbelievable Super Bowl LII victory

by Tyler Arthur

Millions of American football fans across the world watched the ‘greatest show on Earth’ unfold on Sunday, February 4, as the New England Patriots battled the Philadelphia Eagles in the 52nd Super Bowl.

Famously, the Super Bowl is a late-night commitment for UK fans. With the game kicking-off at 11.30pm for a match which takes notoriously long in the first place, it leaves those who commit to the full four quarters awake at almost 4am in the morning.

However, fans of the winning team don’t mind. The Philadelphia Eagles managed to topple the favourites from Boston, with a nerve-wracking 41-33 victory, that came down to the final play.

DMU Architecture student and Eagles fan, Tia Betton, 19, was at the DMU Falcons’ annual Super Bowl gathering, which was hosted at the Walkabout bar, in Belvoir Street, Leicester, she said: “It was absolutely insane!”

“It was worth staying up late for! It was incredible to watch my team lift that trophy, I wouldn’t have missed that just for an extra few hours’ sleep,” the Falcons running back, and secretary said.

The Eagles triumphed, even under the leadership of a back-up Quarterback; Nick Foles, who showed incredible poise and creativity throughout the game, and it paid off – as they won the war of attrition, by just eight points – against the greatest QB of all time, Tom Brady.

Joe Bull, 21, a DMU Policing student and Tight End for the Falcons, also shared the euphoria of witnessing his favourite team raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy, at the DMU Falcons party: “I was a little bit tipsy, but I remember the utter disbelief.”

“I’ve been on a high for days, it is honestly unreal. I think I’ve mentioned the Super Bowl in every conversation I’ve had, people are probably getting annoyed,” Joe laughed.

“Being a Leicester City fan as well, I’ve had two underdog stories in the last three years! I must be a lucky charm or something,” he said.


Nervous – Joe Bull (above) anxiously watching on as the referees deliberate over a crucial decision – which went the Eagles’ way – and ultimately resulted in their win.


Brandon GrahamDefensive End of the Eagles, Brandon Graham (left), made the game-saving play, when he strip-sacked Tom Brady for a fumble recovery – which stopped the Patriots from scoring on a pivotal drive in the last quarter.

After this huge play – the only time that they sacked number 12 all game – the Eagles took the ball down the field to score 3 points which sealed the deal, taking them to the final 41-33 lead.

This Super Bowl will be remembered as one of the greatest underdog stories in sporting history, and has somehow managed to rival the drama of the Patriots’ incredible comeback in Super Bowl LI, last year.

Ring of Honor wrestling take Leicester city by storm

By Mark Farmer

Ring of Honor the professional wrestling company were in Leicester city for the first time on Saturday 19 November.

The promotion left the crowd baying for as they performed for more than 2000 people.

The team, who are currently touring with their ‘Reach for the Sky Tour’, performed at Leicester Community Sports Arena for their penultimate UK date.


The match took place at Leicester Community Sports Arena

The boisterous crowd were treated to seven wrestling matches, where World Champion, Adam Cole, and World Tag-Team Champions, The Young Bucks, competed.

The show also featured a promotional talk from match commissioner Nigel McGuinness, who studied at University of Leicester more than 20 years ago.

Chants of ‘this is awesome’ and ‘this is wrestling’ were deafening throughout the arena during the main event as The Young Bucks, comprised of brothers Matt and Nick Jackson, fought British duo, Matty Scurll and Will Ospreay.

One spectator, Tony Thiedeman, 21, a self-proclaimed wrestling fan of more than 10 years, described the main event as one of the best he had ever seen.

Tony said: “The event was incredible. It was such a great advert for the sport of wrestling and to be able to see it with my own eyes was fantastic, especially the main event that will generate a lot of talk.”

He added: “I can’t remember the last time wrestling like this was in the city, and shows like that help put the sport on the map, not only in Leicester but in the midlands, too.”

20-year-old Nathan Finlow, who sat at ringside, said: “The whole night was faultless. The matches were very entertaining and I’d expect to see some of those guys in the WWE very soon.”

He added: “I don’t think even they [WWE] could have put on a tag-team match as good as the main event tonight.”

World Wrestling Entertainment is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and has seen the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins make the switch from Ring of Honor.


Many of the crowd thought the games were better than WWE

AJ Styles and Kevin Owens the current World Champions and Universal Champions respectively also originated from Ring of Honor

The group has now finished its UK tour as they completed two other dates in Liverpool and London.

They will now to return to America for a further eight shows.