The Terrifier franchise review: doesn’t do what it says on the tin

The Terrifier 2

“Bring a sick bag to The Terrifier,” they said. “You will definitely need one,” they said.  

In reality I needed a pillow, pain killers, and my money back, writes Liv Slomka.

The Terrifier series is painful to watch, I’ll give the director that, but not in the way you would think. 

It is so bad that it makes me want to rethink all my life choices for even wanting to give the film series a second chance in the first place. 

The films that apparently made audiences “leave” and “throw up” looked like they were made by a GCSE media student five minutes before class starts just to have something to hand in to the teacher. 

The series that was meant to give an “80’s torture porn slasher” feel made it feel like I’m watching the first Scary Movie. 

Art the clown has his creepy moments, I guess. When he smiles and leans his head to one side or hides in the shadows waiting for his next victims, but it is not the “blood curdling” character that he was advertised as on the posters.  

I mean sure it’s creepy in its own way but it’s so far from what it was meant to be. 

The main problem with The Terrifier series is that it doesn’t even do what the name says. 

I would hope that if I pay for a ticket to see something that has terrifying in the name, I would at least grab onto my chair at some point or jump and be showered in my popcorn but the series doesn’t even make me cringe at the so called “gore filled” scenes. 

The gore doesn’t remotely look like gore but more like a water balloon popping with red food colouring and bad mannequins that look like CPR training dolls with extra limbs stuck on just to be cut off in the next few seconds with the use of special effects. 

The CGI was so obviously fake in the second film when Art the clown cut the main characters best friends’ arms and legs off and left her with stubs. It was so obviously a mannequin with her head poking up from the mattress. 

I feel like the series just misses every mark that a torture porn, thriller, slasher, or a horror movie should have.

The CGI is too obvious, the plot is confusing, and there is no build up before the kill/ torture scenes: they kind of just happen. I need the build-up that makes me want to scream to the character to leave the house or not go into the dark room alone when watching a slasher inspired film, but it was just missing. 

When Art the clown appears in both films the beginnings are more funny than creepy or scary, some of the death scenes made it feel like the deaths in the first Scary Movie. A film just as bad but at least Scary Movie is meant to be a comedy.  

Terrifier 2: official poster