Culture Kick: Goda Vezeviciute

Students on De Montfort University’s Arts and Entertainment Journalism module pick the films, plays, music, TV shows and books that shaped them.

My favourite film 

The Godfather.  I love old films about the mafia and good stories. One of my favourite actors of all time is Al Pacino, who plays one of the main roles in that film. 

The first time I watched this movie was with my dad, when I was 10. We loved it so much, that next week we watched the second part of it and third part. 

When I grew up, I watched all the trilogy again, but by myself. I loved it even more. 

The first time I went to the theatre 

I don’t remember, but I must have been a child, because I know the fact that in Lithuania I would go quite often to the theatre with my school to see a play for children. 

The TV show I’m currently binging  

How I Met Your Mother, a TV show with so many seasons and episodes, you watch one after another, and basically you are just wasting your time. Nothing good comes out of that, you don’t learn anything from it, but you can’t take your eyes off it.  

The first song I adored 

It is hard to remember the first one because I started listening to music when I was little. Me and my dad used to have this tradition: once a week, in the evening, we would sit down in front of the computer, put on Mozart, and just sit in silence and listen. I loved those moments because it was my special time with my dad.  

When I was a few years older, I started listening to Lady Gaga. I just loved her songs. 

My karaoke tune 

Fun fact, I have never sung karaoke. Even though I love to sing and used to sing in a church band as a soloist, I never was a fan of karaoke. 

The lyrics I love 

“We both said, “No feelings” but we caught feelings already  
Go and tell your father that I’ll have you if he lets me  
Knew you was the one, so I pursued it 
Let’s both get drunk, and make a movie.” 

It’s a kind of guilty-pleasure favourite. I’m not proud of it. But these are the lyrics from a song of D-Block Europe, who are my favourite UK rap band. Basically, most of their songs are about girls, love, sex, drinking. 

To be honest I think these lyrics are my favourite because they are kind of telling me and my boyfriend’s love story. For three years when we were going to the same school, we were friends. But he really liked me and always was by my side because he was hoping to get me one day. But he graduated one year before me and that never happened, I just saw him as a friend.
We hadn’t seen each other for about two years when suddenly I saw him in my home city going to a night club. I was drunk and called him, saying come join me and my friends. We ended up spending all night walking around the city and talking. Slowly I fell in love with him and he finally got what he was reaching for. So, when I hear these lyrics, they are close to me in a way. 

The first gig I saw 

I don’t remember to be honest. I don’t go to gigs that much. 

The book I couldn’t put down 

Looking for Alaska, a book about a teenage love story. This was my first romance book, I read it when I was a teenager. I hadn’t experienced love at that time, so that’s why it was very interesting for me to read it. 


Taylor Swift. She is so popular, has so many fans, but I just can’t stand her. Her voice makes me sick.  


Classical music. The young generation should try listening to this more. They just don’t because they think this is for older people.  

My guilty pleasure 

Love Island. Stupid show, but I just love it. 

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