Huge sales for student night at Leicester Highcross

By Liv Messum

Leicester’s Highcross shopping centre opened after hours earlier this month to let students get an idea of what the local mall has to offer.

Amanda Wallace (left) and friend enjoying student night

New Look employee and DMU student Rachel Fedun said: “We had 20 per cent off, a live DJ, a wheel where you could win things, giveaways, goody-bags, all sorts.”

The event on Tuesday, October 13, ran from 8 to 11.45pm, with about 50 shops, eateries, and even activity venues offering discounts and freebies to students.

Rachel said: “We got a lot of customers, we were heaving at one point, but nothing picked up until around half eight.

“The sale was 100 per cent beneficial to New Look, we would’ve shut the shop at 8 normally but we were so busy at 9 so it was good for us.”

Food services such as Aunty Anne’s Pretzels and Krispy Kreme were giving out free samples.

Rachel said: “I can’t believe I was working student night; I was so jealous; all I could smell was food.”

The event was not only beneficial to shop promotions but also to students as well.

University of Leicester student Amanda Wallace said: “It was really exciting, there were lots of things to look at, there were freebies, there were lots of discounts, like most places had like 20-30 per cent off.

“It definitely encourages me to go to Highcross more, I kind of forgot what was in Highcross, and I went into some shops that I hadn’t been in before.”

Outside businesses also came into Highcross for the night to promote their offers to students.

Amanda said: “There were lots of club promoters there, places like Wakiki and then the cinema, they were doing £4.99 tickets, so lots of different people that wouldn’t normally have been there.”

With the event occurring in the evening, more people were able to go without worrying about work or classes.

Amanda said: “It was crazy because it was dark, but you felt like it was the middle of the day, there was a lot going on.

“There were loads of people there, it was really busy, I think it was beneficial for the shops and I think a lot of people got a lot out of it.”

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