Leicester pet owners furious with fireworks 

By Azim Saiyed

Pet owners who are angry with the fireworks at this time of the year because of the distress and discomfort it causes to the animals are urging others to be more considerate. 

A perfect family: Krupa pictured with her husky and mini schnauzer.

Wigston resident Krupa Butlin, 32, said: “I personally don’t mind fireworks myself, but it is terrifying for my pets. 

“Fireworks should only be used for bigger events and be banned for public sale.” 

She owns three dogs but the eldest, who is an 11-year-old mini schnauzer, is diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. 

Cushing’s disease is a life threatening condition where glands overproduce cortisol which can cause serious illnesses from diabetes to kidney damage.

Krupa said: “People who set fireworks are very selfish because they are inconsiderate of the welfare of the animals.  

“Our pets should not have to go through this traumatic experience just for five minutes of our enjoyment.” 

Calming music played for comfort

Whilst most dogs normally deal with fireworks without any trouble, studies have shown that 45% of dogs have a phobia of fireworks. 

In addition, the RSPCA found 69% of UK adults with a pet take at least one measure to help relax or prepare their animal for firework season. 

Beverley Hart, 55, a hedgehog rescuer, said: “Not only do our pets suffer from fireworks being set off but so does our wildlife.

“I rescue and rehab hedgehogs and it’s sad because I know the following day after the fireworks that they will all have lost weight due to the stress of the noise.

“I personally have never liked fireworks and would like to see them removed from sale.”

RSPCA volunteer Judy added: “People should only attend organised events rather than letting off fireworks separately as that creates more disturbances for the animals.

“People don’t think about the harm and distress it causes to these animals and that is very sad.”

For more information please visit: www.rspcaleicester.org.uk/visit-us

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