DMU celebrates Black History Month

By Azim Saiyed

De Montfort University will throughout October host a wide variety of events that will celebrate the heritage, history, arts, culture and accomplishments of African, Caribbean and South Asian diasporas in the UK.

Sherilyn Pereira, co-chair of the Race Equality Network said: “It’s Black History Month, a reminder that without Black History there would be no history.

“That said, DMU Black History Month 2022 promises to be a stimulating, real-life documentation of the accomplishments of Black and Asian people and the ways that their rich cultures and histories permeate every aspect of British society.”

Upcoming events include ‘Carry Come Bring’ on Saturday (15OCT) at the African Caribbean Centre and ‘Ankara Colouring’ on Wednesday (19OCT) at the DMU Student Union.

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