Video: DMU third years give advice to newcomers

By Kira Gibson

The class of 2022 graduates have been busy getting ready for their various end dates and graduation ceremonies. 

Abigail Beresford, 21, is graduating with a 2:1 degree after completing the journalism single honours course at De Montfort University (DMU).

Her advice to newcomers is to have fun, but put yourself out there to make some friends and connections.

She says: “I’d say you have to put yourself out there, which can be tough. It’s really tough to put yourself out there. 

“Definitely try and join societies, it’s something I really look back on and wish that I did. 

“Ultimately, just try and make sure that you have fun.”

Abbie now has a job in marketing, which her course at DMU helped her achieve by improving her writing skills and making press releases or such articles easier to create. 

Shantelle Gondo, 22, also graduated with a 2:1 degree in journalism, and now works in a customer service role whilst she builds up experience to eventually get a role in journalism.

Her advice to new students is to treat the time at university as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. 

“Treat this opportunity that you’re getting as a once in a lifetime opportunity just because some people elsewhere wish to be in your shoes but they can’t. Also, work as hard as you can,” Shantelle says. 

Shantelle and Abigail have their graduation on August 27 and have family and friends coming to celebrate their achievements along with them. 

Fiora Flinton, Abigail Beresford and Shantelle Gondo give advice to newcomers to university

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