Amber weather warning affects Leicestershire

By Kira Gibson

The Met Office has issued another Amber weather warning for the Leicestershire area, following on from the heatwave from 17-19 July.

This time, the peak is set to hit 31C tomorrow(THU,AUG11) and Friday.

However, the overall warning runs until Sunday.

On those days, people are advised to stay hydrated, and know that public transport may be impacted by extreme heat.

Met Office Amber Warning August 2022

Here are some tips to stay cool:
• Have a fan (if you don’t own one, get one).
• Keep any windows open during the cooler hours of the day, and shut them during peak hours to keep your residence cooler.
• Eat ice creams, ice poles and ice lollies (it helps keep your internal body temperature cool).
• Shower or bathe in cool or cold water, and this will also help keep you cool.

To find out more about the heatwave and what you can do to keep yourself safe, please go to

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