GP surgery asks patients to begin wearing masks again

By Kira Gibson

De Montfort Surgery in Leicester has begun asking patients to start wearing facemasks again as Covid cases rise once more in the city. 

The health centre has a sign on the window asking people to wear masks into the surgery as cases are rising. 

Over the 11 days between June 25 and July 5, Leicester recorded a total of 944 positive cases reported, according to the Leicester Council data website

In contrast, Charnwood (with the second highest positive cases in those 11 days) has a total of 704 positive reported Covid-19 cases. 

The data shows that although Leicester has the highest number of cases, most boroughs in Leicestershire have had a rise of cases. 

Blaby, although sitting comfortably below 50 cases a day, had a high of 47 cases on July 4; with Hinckley and Bosworth having a high of 65 cases on the same day. 

With the rise in cases throughout Leicester, people are once again being asked to get the Covid vaccines and to just ensure that at the very least, both the first and second doses have been taken. 

The NHS advice for if you feel you have Coronavirus is to get a test, and then stay at home for at least five days to reduce the spread of the disease. 

You should avoid those at higher risk for at least 10 days and alert those you’ve been in contact with, so that they can get tested as well. 

If you do have to leave your house for any reason, NHS guidance states that you should cover your mouth and nose with a “face covering that fits snugly across your face and has more than one layer.”

You should also avoid crowded places such as public transport and large social gatherings, and any exercise should be done outside if it can’t be done in your own home. 

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