Leicester becomes one of the global leaders for climate change action

By Shantelle Gondo

Leicester has been mentioned as the leader amongst 11 cities in the UK to receive the top ratings for climate change action.

After over 1,000 cities across the world revealed their climate data in 2021 through the International climate research charity (CDP), it named Leicester amongst 95 places in the world to achieve it’s grade A within leadership in environmental transparency and action.

The Deputy City Mayor, leader of the environment and transportation, Councillor Adam Clarke, said: “We’re very proud to achieve an A grade and to be recognised by CDP for our ongoing work to reduce carbon emissions across Leicester.

“As a city we have almost halved our carbon emissions since 1990 – and as a council we’ve cut our own carbon footprint by two-thirds in just over ten years. 

“Last year we published the first Leicester Climate Emergency Strategy and will continue to deliver important projects and develop our ambitious plans to help us become a carbon neutral and climate-adapted city by 2030.

“Being named as one of just 95 cities globally that are leading on climate action and transparency is a huge endorsement that we’re on the right track, but we’re under no illusion that we still face an enormous task.”

Other cities also mentioned within the UK are:

–  Bristol

– Greater Manchester



And those within the world to receive an A grade include Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm and Reykjavik.

CDP’s global director of cities, states and regions, Kyra Appleby, said: “We are thrilled to champion the 95 cities from around the globe on CDP’s 2021 Cities A List. A new generation of climate conscious cities is showing what is possible when action replaces words.” 

For more information on climate action and those tackling it , visit: https://www.leicester.gov.uk/your-council/policies-plans-and-strategies/environment-and-sustainability/climate-emergency/

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