Lights, Camera, Action: Leicester Fashion Week returns to Leicester

by Abigail Beresford

The fashion industry is set to take over the Mercure Leicester, The Grand Hotel this weekend, as Leicester Fashion Week returns to the city.

Independent designers from around the UK can finally see their creations come to life on the runway and be celebrated by fashion fanatics.

The event is finally returning to the Mercure Leicester, The Grand Hotel on November 7, after being postponed for the last two years, due to coronavirus restrictions.

“Leicester Fashion Week is dedicated to cultivating the fashion industry in Leicester and positioning the city as a high-quality fashion hub” said a spokesperson for the event.

“We are proud to promote and celebrate designers and creatives. The event is solely dedicated to showcasing and encouraging the fashion industry in Leicester.”

Many brands are set to participate, including AndRealToni TexturesAristocrats, and many more, including some that have been featured in Vogue and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

“I am really excited for Leicester Fashion Week, where I will showcase my newest ‘Myrna Marble Art’ leather handbag collection,” said Andrea Benahmed, the designer and creator of AndReal, with designs prepped and ready for the runway.

“Design and creating for me are a form of art where I can get away with expressing myself in my truest form. The designs work in conjunction with each other to create a maximalist explosion of colour, or individually as a statement piece.”

Designers are able to see their masterful creations finally come to life, after the two-year wait. 

“We are so excited to showcase our first ethnic collection ‘Love Letters 2K21” at Leicester Fashion Week on November 7,” said Fa Rukh, the lead designer for Aristocrats.

“The collection represents modern silhouettes, keeping values of different ethnicities in mind, designing for women empowerment, LGBTQIA+ acceptance and celebrating the body.” 

More events are set to follow this weekend’s occasion, including the free talk on ‘How to Feel Empowered Through Fashion’ at John Lewis, Leicester on November 10, and a runway show at Lexus, Leicester on November 13. 

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