Student starts up food company

by Joshua Solomon

Student Enoch Asekomhe has started a food business for students who are struggling at university.

His business is called ‘Yumm Yumm’ and he said it has been a huge hit with students so far, due to his variety of ethnic foods, from African dishes all the way to European.

Enoch started his business after realising a lot of students either can’t cook for themselves or at the end of a day of lectures don’t have the energy to.

The whole idea behind it was to make it affordable for students as he knows how difficult budgeting is when you leave college and start living on your own.

Enoch said “I love food and I know what students are going through, I went through the same thing. Everyday having to decide what to eat is a headache in its own way, so this is just an alternative solution.”

So far Enoch’s service offers a variety which he said he will narrow down and focus on fast food options which are favourable for most people.