New COVID-19 test centre within walking distance from DMU students’ homes

By Erik Dawson

A new pop up COVID-19 test centre was opened close to DMU campus late last month (NOV27) offering up to 500 free tests a day to the public.

The test centre is located in Upper Brown Street, a short walk from campus and close to many student accommodation buildings.

Upper Brown Street in Leicester City Centre, the site of the test centre.

The close proximity of the test centre to places where students live has left some anxious about the virus.

Second year economics student Kris Maxwell lives on the next street over from the site, less than a 30 second walk away.

“Of course it’s a concern that there will be an increase in people with COVID near my apartment,” Kris said.

“But overall, it’s a good thing that another test centre has been opened, more of them means more people being tested and getting us closer to beating COVID.”

The site will be able to provide free, on-the-spot tests without needing to book an appointment, however drive-through testing will not be available.

Director of public health for Leicester, Professor Ivan Browne, said in an interview with Leicester City Council: “Testing is vital in our fight against coronavirus and helps to protect our most vulnerable residents. Only by identifying where and how the virus is spreading will we be able to prevent our numbers in Leicester from rising further.”

The latest addition brings the tally up to 10 test sites across Leicester helping combat the spread of COVID-19.

Prof Browne added: “We want to make testing as accessible as possible and I would urge local people to take a test and help us take control of this situation so that we can hopefully see an easing of restrictions in Leicester once the national lockdown is over.”

For more information and guidance visit Leicester city council’s website.