Online shopping portal created by Leicester-based Arts and Makers’ hub

by Khrista Davis

Leicester’s LCB Depot hub for creative people and businesses has created an online opportunity called Arts and Makers to replace two live Sunday events that were cancelled after the announcement of the second national Covid-19 lockdown.  

Arts and Makers’ Online Shopping is a joint creation between LCB Depot and the makers at Makers’ Yard studios.

The two live events that were planned for November 15 to 22 but instead shoppers can browse on an Instagram page and buy handmade products from 30+ of the region’s finest designer-makers and artists.

With Christmas around the corner the makers on the Arts and Makers’ Instagram page have a lot of tempting products such as: jewellery, art, craft, ceramics, textiles, and fashion.

For a preview of products, go to .