De Montfort asks: ‘Are You Okay?’

By Erik Dawson

De Montfort University Students’ Union launched its ‘Are You Okay?’ campaign to help combat mental health and wellbeing issues on campus this Monday (NOV30).

The campaign has been created to give students a space to let the university know how they are feeling, and what they can do to support them.

In a video posted to the DSU website, Academic Executive Laura Flowers said: “I think especially this time of year it can be tough. It can be harder for everybody let alone in a pandemic.”

‘Are You Okay?’: Academic Executive, Laura Flowers introduces the campaign.

‘Are You Okay’ is currently a survey focused on isolation and loneliness at DMU, with each result helping the university create an action plan to help students.

Ex DMU student Paschal Nnedu is no stranger to the negative effects that university life can result in.

“I got depressed and suffered with really bad anxiety while I was at University, the pressure of deadlines coupled with bad results made me feel like I didn’t have what it took.” He said.

The ‘Are You Okay’ survey aims to support the university’s existing health and wellbeing services, by offering a more personalised space where students issues can be identified easily.

Paschal said: “I was aware there was a service to help, but waiting times were so long that I never used them, especially as I didn’t want to take up the limited space instead of people who had it worse than me.”

The campaign will constantly be adapting to cater to students needs throughout the year.

“I don’t know what the next steps are going to be. What I can tell you is it is going to be reactive to exactly what you need.” Academic Executive Laura said in the video.

‘Are You Okay’ has been well received on campus and even by ex-students. Paschal said: “It’s a great campaign and makes speaking about your issues so much easier and more accessible.”

Over the coming weeks, the scheme will highlight support services available, as well as introducing competitions and activities for students to get involved in.

More information can be found on the DSU website as well as their social media accounts, and the survey is available here.

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