Bag a beautiful gift by browsing this Leicester Christmas shopping guide

By Isobel Rix

A strong message is being heard loud and clear this festive season urging people to shop small and support the independent businesses that have suffered at the hands of Covid-19.

Gathered together here you’ll find some of the best local stores Leicester city has to offer, for you to keep in mind this gift-giving season.

Niche, Carts Lane

From artwork to books to jewellery, Niche has something special for everyone.

How about this Bauhaus Exhibition Poster or this Fungarium book for the mushroom forager in your life (it’s called Niche for a reason) .

Harriman & Co. , St Martins

Here you can find an array of gorgeous homeware, there are so many excellent gift ideas just begging to be purchased in the Christmas edit on their website.

These incredible Amber Glass Tumblers or these super cute festive matches.

Cocoa Amore, Silver Street

Delicious handcrafted chocolate in a huge variety of flavours, shapes and sizes.

If you’re going all out… how about a year’s worth of handcrafted chocolate! Or feel fancy this Christmas with chocolate caviar.

Flowerworks, Loseby Lane

Yes, you can gift flowers for Christmas, you can also just order a bouquet to brighten up your work-from-home set up.

The Snow bouquet is refined and contains seasonal flowers and foliage, the Berry is eclectically festive and would make a wonderful centre piece for Christmas dinner!

Just Fair Trade, Silver Street

As can be guessed from the name, all products sold here are Fair Trade, with a focus on sustainability.

If you know of someone trying to attract birds to their garden this bird cake kit could be the perfect gift! Or consider this bamboo socks gift box, because it would be rude not to gift socks to at least someone, wouldn’t it?

We Are, E Bond Street

We Are is a not-for-profit collective of more than 50 artists, designers and makers designed to support local artists and help support the creative community of Leicester.

Its wide range of goods include this simple but meaningful star sign constellation necklace and this Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes print for the Harry Potter fanatic in your life.

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