QEII Leisure Centre remains closed until early 2021 despite other gyms reopening in December

By Adam Rear

The Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Centre has announced it will re-open on January 4 next year rather than immediately after the end of the second national lockdown on December 2.

The end of lockdown will allow some forms of normality to return to the country after weeks of shut shops, pubs and restaurants. Gyms and leisure centres will also be allowed to reopen in England, with the majority of them doing so.

QEII released a statement yesterday (WED, NOV25) regarding its continued closure post-lockdown: “In light of information provided by the Government around the end to the lockdown period we are writing to update you on the decision made by the university to keep the leisure centre closed until the new year.

“This decision was not made lightly, but in order to support the Government in asking our university population to return home during the student travel window, we will not be opening our doors to our members until January 4, 2021, unless further government restrictions are imposed.”

The leisure centre provides students and the public with high quality gym equipment and facilities, such as a swimming pool, a climbing wall, sports halls and a fitness suite.

Closed: The Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Centre will not re-open until January 4.

The news of the university’s decision was met with some frustration from those who wish to use the gym in the period of closure, lasting over four weeks.

Among them is De Montfort University forensic science student Carmen Goode, 20, who thinks the decision to keep the leisure centre closed until January is not enough.

“I think it’s pretty unfair on students staying in Leicester over Christmas because we want to use the leisure centre facilities,” said Carmen.

“This will also come as a massive blow to members of the public who are members of the gym too. I don’t think they should be affected in this way.

“While QEII has been closed there have been live-streamed classes but they just aren’t as good as the real thing. I’ve been waiting to return to the gym for weeks now so this news is very disappointing.”

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