Picture of hero rescue dog wins Comedy Pet Photo Award

By Alexander Hodgkins-Jones

© Elke Vogelsang / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

‘Guard dog’ Noodles helped her owner Elke Vogelsang pick up the Mars Petcare Comedy Photographer of the Year Award 2020 on Tuesday (NOV24).

The cheeky photograph called ‘Guard Dog on Duty’ of the Galgo Espanol mix also won the Dog category award.

The competition aims to spread awareness about homeless pets in the UK and raises money for the Blue Cross pet charity.

This mission is of particular significance to Elke, who rescued Noodles from a Spanish kill shelter 12 years ago and took the eight-month-old pup back to the family home in Germany.

The award isn’t the first time Noodles has brought the Vogelsang family a bit of good luck.

“Ten years ago, the dogs (Noodles and my other girl Scout) alerted me that something was wrong by barking and howling,” said Elke.

“They ran straight to the bathroom door, where I found my husband unconscious in the bath.

“The diagnosis was a severe brain haemorrhage due to a ruptured aneurysm. If it hadn’t have been for the dogs, I would have found him too late.”

Photographer Elke plans to reinvest some of the £3,000 prize winnings back into an organisation for pet rescue.

© Elke Vogelsang / Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2020

“Hurrah to two Spanish mutts, once abandoned and sentenced to death, then rescued and adopted, now life-savers themselves,” said Elke.

The awards, which also have categories for cats, horses and pets who look most like their owners, are now in their second year after being created by the founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photographer Awards.

“2021 will hopefully bring some good news, some cheer and positive horizons for everyone – but in all the gloom of 2020 the Comedy Pet Awards managed to raise our spirits more than most things.

“The importance of pets in our lives – the positive life affirming friendship that they bring without even realising it – is often underestimated and taken for granted,” said founder Tom Sullam.

If you want to donate to the Blue Cross in support of sick, injured and abandoned pets you can do so here.

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