Nuneaton digital designer and wrestler appears on TV’s The Chase

By Oliver Taylor

Eye-catching: Neil Patel, dressed to the nines as his Chocolate Thunder character, is keen to start performing in front of crowds again.

Nuneaton digital designer and professional wrestler Neil Patel appeared on TV’s The Chase this week and is already wanting a rematch – in the ring.

Mr Patel, 35, had hoped to use winnings from the show on Tuesday(NOV24) to fund a bathroom renovation in his house.

He said: “I saw that applications were open for the show over a year ago and decided to send one in.

“I got asked to attend an audition, got picked to appear on the show and recorded my episode just over a year to the day that it aired.

“The whole day was a unique experience, but to be one of the first people to take on the new Chaser was definitely a highlight.”

He competed against the newest Chaser, Darragh Ennis. Mr Patel secured £3,000 by answering three questions correctly in 60 seconds during the quick-fire round.

He was offered £300 by Ennis to take a step closer to home or £40,000 to take a step further away but opted to remain at £3,000.

However, he was only able to answer one question correctly out of four against Ennis and was eliminated from the show.

Despite the result, Mr Patel fancies his chances against Ennis in a wrestling ring.

“I would think with a nickname like The Menace he would have a few tricks up his sleeve, but as a tag team champion I reckon I would have the upper hand,” he said.

“I’d almost feel bad for beating him as he was actually quite nice for a Chaser.”

The government recently announced various sports and entertainment events will allow fans in Tier 1 and Tier 2 areas after the national lockdown ends on December 2.

Mr Patel, who competes as the ‘Intergalactic Sex Symbol’ Chocolate Thunder, is keen to start performing again.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been in the ring that I’m happy to take on all comers. I would say Gene Munny is one name on my wrestling bucket list,” he said.

“Long term goals are to make up for lost time and wrestle in more locations across the UK, 2021 will be my year!”

His match against Riley Measures at FTGU Wrestling’s show in Wigston last December can be watched below.

He can be followed on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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