New neighbourhood parking spaces planned for Leicester

By Emily Rooney

Leicester City Council has announced four new parking development projects surrounding the city, with construction beginning near the end of the month.

Some works will be started on Monday, November 23, while some will be started the following Monday.

Works will be taking place in Thurncourt, Humberstone and Hamilton, and Wycliffe, as well as one on Braunstone Avenue.

As well as this, there are further works planned for early 2021, including in Beaumont Leys, as well as another development in Wycliffe.

In total, Leicester City Council is planning to invest more than £500,000 in the planned schemes, which aim to improve neighbourhood parking in areas where residents have trouble parking near their own homes.

For example, the work being carried out in Humberstone and Hamilton will see a new ten-space parking area being created, at a cost of £65,000.

Parking is at a premium in and around Leicester, with many residents not having the privilege of parking outside their homes due to a lack of good parking provision on streets that were not necessarily designed for the amount of cars that are around now.

Leicester assistant city mayor for neighbourhoods, Cllr Kirk Master, said: “This is part of ongoing work in communities across the city, where parking continues to be a major issue for residents.

“In many cases, streets which were designed decades ago can’t handle the much higher number of vehicles which we see today.

“In some cases the solution involves making improvements to existing car parking bays, or adapting hard standing areas into new parking spaces, while at other locations we have to start from scratch and create something new.

“In each instance we’re working closely with local ward councillors to look at what can be done and trying our best to find answers which meet the needs of local residents.”

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