Universities to stay open: DMU reacts

By Erik Dawson

COVID-19 is affecting all walks of university life and continues to be the talk of the campus.

England has once again been plunged into a period of lockdown for a month starting from today (NOV 5) to combat the growing numbers of COVID-19 cases.

This newest period of lockdown will see non-essential workplaces and amenities close, whilst schools and universities will stay open.

In an email sent to all De Montfort University students on Tuesday, Interim Vice Chancellor, Prof. Andy Collop stated: “In line with Government guidance, I can confirm we will not be changing our current timetables.”

With Leicester City Council reporting 1,206 cases within the city on October 30, many students are divided in their opinion of universities staying open during lockdown.

Third year Policing student Matt Hole said: “Personally, I think universities should move all teaching online to limit the spread of the virus. It’s annoying as some statistics say that schools and universities are the worst for cases, yet they are open.”

The decision to keep the university open also has some students worried due to the rising amount of cases nationwide.

“I can see how some people will worry about staying open with everything going on,” first year adult nursing student Cerys Phillips said.

“However, I do agree with DMU staying open, especially for people who struggle to learn online.”

The lack of face to face lectures since the start of the year has angered some students on campus, including third year Business Management student Lewis Holmes.

“While I appreciate the efforts of the university to remain open, it has to be argued if they ever did open with such little face to face teaching.”

Policing student Matt also raised his concerns for students’s wellbeing: “I can understand people’s worries about staying indoors and not being able to go to places like the gym that help people’s mental health.”

DMU have also set up a HealthyDMU Hub to help students with any wellbeing concerns over this period, as well as offering appointments with the Student Welfare team.

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