Coronavirus lockdown – How does Leicester fare?

By Samuel Gill

The UK has headed into lockdown once more today (THU,NOV5) but for Leicester, the emergence from lockdown has never occurred.

For the city, the local lockdown has lasted more than 100 days and has seen families in some cases not having seen their loved ones since the start of the pandemic.

But how bad are the recent case rates in Leicester and has the lockdown worked in taking down the number of cases?

The answer is ‘no’ in terms of the main city with cases on the rise once more. As seen on the bar chart below, the city had its highest amount of cases to date on October 29, with 228 cases recorded.

But this soon went down, albeit with weekend reporting, to 143 and 12 in the subsequent days up until Saturday, October 31.

Fluctuation has occurred with between 50-90 cases being recorded most days throughout October with the lowest point being during the local lockdown’s peak in August when only around 10 cases a day were being recorded.

Leicester has dropped down the list in terms of highest amounts of Coronavirus cases per city, with 346 per week on average at the moment but with 2,826 per 100,000 of population. However, that statistic has risen from 2,485 last week for the latter figure which means despite the city being Tier 3 and still under local lockdown, cases remain on the rise.

The highest rate of cases though sits in the North West of England still, with Blackburn the worst at 4,516 per 100,000 population.

That is followed by Wigan which has seen 656 cases in the past week, per 100,000 people. Barnsley, Manchester, Liverpool and Doncaster all follow.

As per CentreForCities – Cases from highest Coronavirus hotspots

Nottingham is the highest city outside the North West but its cases are slowly declining once more with a Tier 3 lockdown placed last week before the main national lockdown was mooted. It currently has 358 cases per week with 2,710 per 100,000.

With the national lockdown beginning today, it remains to be seen if these figures go down, especially in Leicester which has still not left the local lockdown.

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