Premier League to review controversial Pay Per View coverage after backlash

By Harry Shellard

The Premier League is set to review its controversial coverage after a backlash on its pricing.

It has been reported that Sky Sports Box Office made around £5 million on the opening two weekends of its new Pay Per View format.

Supporters are currently being charged £14.95 for games that aren’t on Sky’s normal sport coverage.

This has been met by a huge backlash as the steep prices seem unreasonable due to current world circumstances.

Every Premier League club except Leicester City were in favour of the new pay per view format which brought the club many plaudits.

It was estimated that around 20,000 people tuned in for city’s first PPV game against Aston Villa, with many simply not willing to pay the fee.

Fans across the country are offering alternatives. Liverpool fans decided to boycott the fee and instead donate the same amount of money to charities such as the ‘spirit of Shankly’ group donating money to food banks.

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