How do bombshell talks of a European premier league impact Leicester City?

By Harry Shellard

Earlier this week talks have begun over a new £4.6bn European premier league, which is set to involve the elite clubs from across the continent.

After discussions over ‘Project big picture’ were turned down last week, new proposals have been made to make those at the top financially benefit even further.

Wall Street bank JP Morgan have been in talks to financially back the proceedings with a $6bn (£4.6bn) loan that would be repaid through TV rights payments.

The competition, which would be backed by FIFA, would be set to rival and even replace the current UEFA champions league.

As many as 5 premier league clubs could be involved, with founding members of the competition set to receive hundreds of millions, as well as huge prize money up for grabs for going the distance in the competition.

So how does this impact Leicester city’s Future?

Since winning the premier League, Leicester city have been quietly improving their squad and have yearly ambitions of upsetting the traditional top 6 clubs in the country.

Leicester aren’t exactly big spenders in the league but instead adopt an approach of bringing through youth players and making smart transfer decisions to allow the club to compete against the giants of the country.

However, with the European premier league looming, TV rights money and sponsorship deals will be given to the elite clubs in these competitions, meaning the financial gap between the average premier league teams and the elite, will once again grow exponentially.

This will mean outcomes like Leicester city’s title win in 2015-16 will become almost an impossibility because of the huge financial gap between clubs.

Attracting top calibre players will become even harder for clubs like Leicester, and teams who get promoted to the premier league won’t stand much of a chance of staying up.

Many have said these plans are taking football away from the fans and into the hands of the rich.

This week, social media has erupted with fans across the country showing their discontent.

Gary Neville was quick to slam the plans in an interview with sky sports.

‘I’m for progression of football, with new competitions and new formats, but we have got to look after the fabric of the game and what it means to the communities in this country.’ He said.

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