Van Gogh experience offers visitors an escape from lockdown lows

By Adam Rear

After more than 100 days in local lockdown, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience offers visitors a futuristic take on his priceless artwork.

Situated at the All Saints’ Church, Highcross Street, in Leicester, this travelling exhibition combines detailed knowledge of his life with an in-depth immersion into his artwork.

A captivating display of Van Gogh’s Starry Night in the projector hall

The exhibition has previously entertained visitors over Europe in Brussels, Naples and most recently at York St Mary’s with its UK premiere.

Third year De Montfort student Tabby, 20, said: “There are seven different areas, each had plenty of facts and interactive experiences to look at.

“You get to explore deep into Van Gogh’s life and see his thought process, as well as hearing his many infamous quotes.

“My favourite part is the projector hall which makes you feel like you’re in the painting.

“At £11 for a student ticket, it was really worth my money.”

Quotes from Van Gogh while his artwork is shown

For more information and tickets to the exhibition, which closes Sunday, November 1, visit


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