Leicester Comedy Festival review: Silver Stand Up Final with Mrs Barbara Nice at Peter Pizzeria

Barbara Nice - Lead image

Review by Ella Lloyd

This show was pigging brilliant, as Barbara Nice would say.

Nice was the perfect host for the Leicester Comedy Festival’s, Silver Stand Up final – bubbly, flamboyant and crazy.

Watching her bust some dance moves to 60s throwback music, was like watching your gran at a party after one too many Pear Drops.

She was unpredictable like the change of wind. Where would she end up next?

Climbing on top of the chairs, that’s where. Nice made sure that everybody in the audience got involved with her cheesy sing-along.

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The 90-minute show was a nonstop whirlwind as the eight acts competed against one another in five-minute slots.

First up was Glen Stone. He played with the typical ‘let me read your mind’ theme. Guaranteed to make you crease, even when you already know that he has absolutely no clue what card ‘Judy in the audience’ is thinking of.

Next, Jenny Bolt, who spoke candidly of her overgrown private parts. Savage – and the easily embarrassed in the crowd must have been sinking low into their chairs.

Showcasing his slow, serious and stern style, Robin Banks joked about the silver linings in each and every situation. Good or bad there was always a cracking pun involved.

Pleasing the room with her original themes, Karen Blott caught the crowd’s attention with her dry sense of humour. Her accent came across as upper-class, but her content was common as muck.

Wearing his red, sparkly shirt, Jimbo entered the stage looking like he was about to perform on Dancing On Ice. It was definitely eye-catching. He joked about the consequences of taking drugs as part of his act. Judging by his performance, it’s not entirely clear whether it was just a joke.

Margaret Pinder focused on politics. Of course, there is always one. Four-time Silver Stand Up finalist, Kevin Hudson was fantastic. The audience were very appreciative of his old-school jokes.

The show ended on an absolute belter. Daniel Rubinstein pulled it out the bag with his musical routine. He completely nailed Britney Spears’ backing track and his impersonation of Jimmy Hendrix – kneeling on the floor, making wailing guitar sounds – was immense, and the highlight of the whole show. Although, the judges didn’t seem to think so, as they crowned Jenny Bolt as the competition’s 2020 winner.

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