Storm Dennis causes widespread disruption across Leicestershire

By Harry Shellard

Storm Dennis hit the county in devastating fashion at the weekend with a number of floods breaking out across Leicestershire.

Storm Dennis is the latest storm to hit Leicester and is making a similar impact to the previous week’s Storm Ciara.

Gusts of wind up to 60mph and thundery downpours have resulted in severe floods, with some roads being completely blocked and submerged.

This caused huge travel issues across the county with trainlines being flooded and many flights being cancelled at East Midlands Airport, causing havoc for passengers leaving the country and on returning flights.

Last week’s Storm Ciara had only recently passed and the onslaught of treacherous weather has taken its toll.

A total of 27 flood warnings have been issued in Leicester, with Sileby being one of the worst areas affected.

Loughborough MP Jane Hunt described the flood to BBC Radio Leicester as “The worst it’s been for a long time.”

Ms Hunt had meetings with local authorities and emergency services about the high flood risk in the area a few weeks prior. After visiting the most affected parts of Sileby on Sunday, Ms Hunt is launching an investigation into the matter.

The task to clear up the destruction of the immense storm will continue this week with the help of emergency services and the Leicestershire and Rutland 4X4 response team.

The remainder of the week is set to be much calmer, but the rain and wind will inevitably return by Friday.

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