VIDEO: DMU Snowsports prepare for Varsity

By Beth Surridge

With just over a month to go, De Montfort University’s (DMU) Snowsports society members are busy preparing ahead of their Varsity clash with the University of Leicester.

The two teams will battle it out in the last event of the Varsity week, on Wednesday, March 25.

DMU’s Snowboard Captain Max Hiley said: “It’s going to be a good one this year. We have been training really hard and everyone is looking so good.

“Although we lost a few of our members last year, they have been replaced by first years who are just as good and just as fast. I am proud of everything that the team has achieved.”

DMU’s Tiff Hearney smashes the race course in Varsity preparation.

DMU are looking like favourites at the moment, as their snowboard duals team have already bought home a trophy in the Midlands King’s Competition.

This means that they have qualified for the King’s finals, where they will take on Universities from all over the country that have also qualified.

DMU’s Ski Captain Ben Jacklin said: “There has been so much improvement in some of the skiers this year, and we have had first years knocking third years out of the team. It’s incredible and has made me really excited for Varsity.”

STEEZE: Board Captain Max Hiley showing off his jumps ahead of Varsity.

Before the 2017/18 Varsity, DMU had never won a snowsports Varsity contest. But since then that is all they have done, after winning two Varsity contests on the trot.

They are certainly looking to make it three in a row this year.

If you would like to come and support DMU at Varsity this year, follow them on Facebook, DMU Snow.

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