Leicester Comedy Festival review: Chella Quint at Town Hall Bike Park

ChellaQuint-AdventuresinMenstruating_680x680Review by Jummy Adebiyi

Menstrual bling? Ever heard of that one? Maybe not. It pops up in Chella Quint’s show Adventures in Menstruating, which I must say bombed, although I was not expecting much, I mean how many jokes can you make out of periods? This is not secondary school.

I’m sure Chella has had better nights. To start off she was late, and her show was best by technical difficulties, so we should give her the benefit of the doubt. But giving her the benefit of the doubt gets harder when she forgot the lines to her so called song not once, or twice but THREE times.

Still, she pushed through on the strength of her bubbly character. I’m not sure many would be able to do that as well as she did.

Chella made a great effort to interact with the audience but I’m not sure if they were engaging because they wanted to, or if they merely felt bad. Nonetheless she just about made that work too.

They were laughs in this show, but a lot of them were half-hearted, perhaps because the show came across as a PSHE lesson rather than a comedy show. As I said, period jokes just remind me of secondary school and may I add that the ones I heard back then about periods were funnier. I mean, “Did you know periods are red?” It was simply inadequate for a comedian who is not a work in progress.

Chella was very clear. She was very concise, too. She was just missing the humour which is kind of essential for these things. And this brings us back to menstrual bling. Want to know what it means? Google it.

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