Leicester Comedy Festival review: Stuart Laws at Firebug


Review by Chloe Martin

Stuart Laws comes bursting onto the stage like a bright blue fireball of energy, full of confidence, and raring to wow the audience with his utter masterpiece of a show.

His plan is to come on with Will Smith’s I’m Coming blaring in the background, but the music just isn’t happening. This means Law’s first joke is one he didn’t even crack, with the technician shouting ‘I’m hitting the space bar’ to no avail, creating a whole new gag entirely.

Any who, Laws’ striking bright blue gilet, his distinctive look, makes up for it.

This is a rather small audience, compared to some Laws has grown used to, since supporting James Acaster on his UK tours, performing at Latitude and Wilderness Festival.

He certainly knows a thing or two about his craft, and it’s manifested into his All In performance.

The hour-long show whizzes past with Law’s well-crafted, non-stop ingenious anecdotal gags about a Kinder surprise which literally causes surprise but not in the right way, having a vasectomy – “when I say vasec, you say tomy” – and a trip to Vegas that had the audience showing amused faces for his jokes about poker faces.

This cheeky-chappy southerner soon realises he hasn’t drawn a typical Leicester crowd, and finds out that most of us in the audience are from the south too. “We should have just had the show in my flat,” he says. But he’s soon joking about the stereotypical fancy-pants types who go skiing.

Southerners or not, Law’s show is highly audience-oriented. His competition for Best Audience Member brings out the biggest laughers in the crowd, and he regularly breaks off to comment on the giggles of certain members. He asks us if we enjoy lying and for our opinions on chocolate bars, turning our replies into quick-witted cleverly structured puns, as if by magic, he already knew our answers.

Pure, all-round comedy genius like this deserves a bigger crowd and stage, and maybe entrance music that works.

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