Leicester locals outraged by plans to build over a thousand new homes on Scraptoft nature reserve

By Perry Johnson

Residents have expressed outrage at the submission of controversial plans to build 1,200 new homes in Scraptoft, on land currently designated as a nature reserve.

The proposed development, which has already been put through the consultation stages by Harborough District Council, would also see the proposed site in Scraptoft North introduce a new village centre with shops, community centres and a primary school – all to be delivered in six stages.

Martin Harris, a Scraptoft resident, said: “This development will strip the village of its identity – we are a beautiful, countryside village and I fear that getting rid of one of our nature reserves for more housing would completely change the face of Scraptoft.”

Historic Church of All Saints in Scraptoft, Leicestershire

Under the plans, Parker Strategic Land hope to utilise the former Prisoner of War camp in Beeby Road, which is currently home to one of only two designated nature reserves in the Harborough District, as well as Scraptoft Golf Club.

In order for the development to go ahead, the land would have to be de-classified as a reserve and the golf club relocated to a site in Houghton on the Hill, which has already been agreed with the club through consultation.

Concerns have also been raised that the development would see the boundary between the village and the city blurred as the land to Scraptoft North is largely a green wedge zone, the purpose of which is to maintain a distinction between the two.

In response to this, Harborough District Council has assured that a new, if smaller, green wedge zone will be developed to prevent a merging; and any significant historic and natural sites will be maintained to safeguard the village’s identity.

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