Student makes half a grand on KSI vs Logan Paul rematch

By James Cannell

Student Alex Hudson stayed up until 5am on Sunday, not just to see KSI beat Logan Paul in their boxing rematch, but to also earn himself £500.

The boxing match took place in the Staple Centre in Los Angeles. However, Alex watched from the comfort of his own bed. 

“I placed the bet because I knew KSI would beat Logan, he does anything he sets his mind to, it never mattered that he was the underdog. He was always going to be the champion.” 

The match saw internet celebrities KSI (Olajide Olatunji’s online name) and Paul face each other in a professional six round boxing match. In the end KSI won by split decision. 

KSI was pitched by many as the underdog due to him being 5cm shorter and weighing in at 2.8kg less than his 6ft2 opponent Paul.

Because of this, bookmakers William Hill placed their odds at 25/1 against KSI while others such as Ladbrokes had him at 7/4.

Alex explained: “I saw those odds and couldn’t help myself. I placed £20 on KSI to win as soon as I saw the offer. No questions asked.” 

The UK boxer was clearly the people’s choice when it came to who they wanted to win. His rival Paul has been at the epicentre of many controversies throughout his career.

Alex said: “When I was younger, I was always a KSI fan, I still keep up with him, but if I’m honest I placed the bet because I absolutely hate Logan Paul.

“Logan is just too arrogant, he talked the big talk but when it came to it he wasn’t the better fighter.” 

The fighters are expected to take away a minimum of $900,000 just from their contracts. But Alex seems more than happy with £500 profit. 

“At the end of the day the money is just proof of what I believed. Now I can buy myself a new TV to see him fight his next opponent.” 

KSI said at the end of the fight that for now, he is done with fighting. And Alex is more than happy to wait and place his next bet.


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