Leicester zero waste store to expand product collection

By Emily Barker

Nappies and more skincare products could soon be added to the shelves of Leicester’s first zero waste shop little more than a year since it opened in the city.

Nada Zerowaste in St Martin’s Square opened in July last year, specialising in responsibly packaged everyday products.

It currently offers products ranging from beeswax wraps to plastic-free chewing gum, and food products such as rices and pastas, all ethically sourced and plastic-free.

Lauren Welch, 36, owns the store in St Martin’s Square.

Lauren Welch, 36, the store owner of Nada Zerowaste surrounded by many of her products

She said: “We currently offer lots of different products, but we are looking at offering even more to our customers in the future.

“For the future, I am looking at getting in more skincare products and make-up; we already have a range of body butters and soaps.

“I’m also looking at bringing nappies in-store as I’d like to use them myself, especially now I’m pregnant with my second child.”

Lauren was looking at opening a store in Leicester as the city did not have one, and the next ones closest to Leicester were Nottingham and Birmingham.

They now get daily, weekly and monthly regulars thanks to a Crowdfunding page that helped to open the store.

Lauren said: “I’m only human, I’m a mum and I’m not perfect but I’m trying.

“I’m always conscious about how much plastic I am using, and we’ve got so good at home now that our black bin barely ever goes out; it’s mostly just the orange recycling bags.

A board outside the store expressing how serious the plastic issue is

“The aim of this store is to reduce the plastic waste on food products and shopping, so you can come in and bring your own containers or glass jars and help yourself in store.

“The jar is weighed upon arrival and then the weight of the jar is deducted at the end once you have finished selecting what you would like.”

Nada also offer a click and collect service through which you can order your products online and collect them in-store where they come packaged.

For more information, check out the website here.

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