DMU Sport holds ‘Cooking on a Budget’ nutrition workshop for students

By Jacob Moseley

The DMU sport societies came together to create a day of free food tasting, lifestyle tips and nutritional advice for all the DMU students still stuck to the fast food chains.

On Tuesday, the Watershed was opened up from 7pm until 8.30pm by volunteer students and sports players to showcase the best ways in which to stay healthy whilst living in university halls.

Sam Kibble, the strength and conditioning (S&C) coach at DMU Sport, stated the main aims of the event were to “Encourage our Sports scholars and sports teams to live a healthier lifestyle that may benefit their performance.

“For us as an S&C team it is all about the students being able to fuel their bodies well for match days, training days and general day-to-day activities. Being able to maintain high energy levels will give them the ability to perform at their optimum ability.”

With free food such as “smoothie pots, post workout shakes and a penne pasta dish”, the event was a brilliant introduction to students making meals for the first time. Sam explained: “The sessions give people a few ideas that they can take away and using recipe cards and free samples helps to show that cooking food is worth it.”

Even though the crowds did not flood to the Watershed, with the turnout being just under 20 people, DMU Sport are looking forward to the next event, with additions such as shopping list ideas and cost comparisons.

If you want to join DMU Sport to help integrate a healthier lifestyle, the next event is being held tomorrow(FRI,OCT18) and will focus on injury prevention whilst competing in sport.


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