Popular pub to host heavy metal night

By Emily Barker

A popular Leicester pub is set to be the host of a music variety gig for a student society from De Montfort University (DMU).

Firebug, located in Millstone Lane in Leicester city centre, is hosting an event run by the DMU Rock and Metal Society on Sunday(OCT13).

Firebug bar in Millstone Lane in Leicester City Centre

Thomas Barnes, 20, is the Social Secretary of the society organising the event, and studies Computer Science at DMU.

He said: “I hope this gig becomes a success and the local scene enjoy having bands from around the UK, coming to Leicester, to show their talent alongside local Leicester acts.

“The aims of this event are to showcase the UK underground metal scene, as well as the Leicester metal scene, and to build connections between all of the participating bands so they have opportunities to grow out of Leicester.”

Thomas is the sole organiser of the event. He said: “It has been stressful at times, contacting the bands, arranging the venue dates and times and scheduling the event was my responsibility.

“I have worked with my committee members to discuss the line-up, ticket prices, and the event budget, but also gain access for Firebug to be the host.

“It was one of my first times promoting and hosting a gig, so the execution in terms of when bands were contacted and knowledge of the budget wasn’t perfect, but it has worked out in the end.”

Tickets for this event are available on the De Montfort Students’ Union website for £3, but there will be tickets on the door of the event for the same price.

Last year the rock society had two gigs that Thomas said “weren’t that great” and he wants to put on more gigs more often with better line-ups to help the metal atmosphere by using the resources that DMU supply them with.

He finished by saying: “I hope that I can interact with the society members so I could potentially bring their local bands or talent to Leicester so they can show off what the metal scene is back home for them.”

Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 19.42.17
Firebug’s location in Leicester city centre

Tickets for the gig can be purchased for the show here.

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