Experts discuss sustainable living in environmental debate


The sustainability debate in full flow

By Alex Murray

A free event took place at De Montfort University last week, with students and local experts joining together in a panel to discuss methods of reducing waste and helping the environment.

Zero Waste DMU was a panel organised by two politics students, and took place last week in the Hugh Aston Building.

The panel discussed various issues and solutions related to the Environment, with members of the sustainability team joining local experts and lecturers to debate the topics.

Issues being discussed included how students could reduce waste, how to live a waste free life and also the reasons why climate change was not being tackled enough by governments and councils.ESR

On the panel was Karl Letten, Environmental & Sustainability Officer for DMU, Emily Wallis, Sustainability Assistant at DMU, Charlotte Lingham, Green Behaviour Change Frontrunner, Dr Andrew Reeves, Lecturer in Energy and Sustainable Development, Mario Hernández Trejo a lecturer at DMU, David Morton from Leicester Friends of the Earth and Lauren Welch, who runs NADA which is a zero waste shop in Leicester City Centre.

During the panel, the sustainability team revealed several different initiatives they have been rolling out to encourage DMU students to be more sustainable.

Emily Wallis, speaking after the event, said that: “There are a range of different ways we are encouraging sustainability. A big one is trying to imbed sustainability within people’s modules so they are making sure that everyone is aware of sustainability and how it’s relating to their subject and hopefully they’ll take that forward into their career.”

She added: “There are also incentives for people to be a little bit more sustainable in the way their interact on campus. So we look at how people are getting to the university and we try and encourage them to travel sustainably, so there’s lots of facilities on campus for cyclists; discounts on buses such as the hospital hoppers, so people can ride them for free to get to campus.”

The university also rolled out a scheme to give every student a free re-usable coffee cup to all students, which saw a huge decrease in the use of non-recyclable coffee cups.

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