Battle of the Unis: DMU v UoL in Varsity 2019

By Alexandra Smith

The sporting event of the year for Leicester students kicked off on Monday with the start of Varsity 2019.

Every year De Montfort University (DMU) and The University of Leicester (UOL) compete in numerous sporting events as part of Varsity in an attempt to win the competition.

Sporting societies from both universities will be going head to head in the biggest sporting event of the uni calendar throughout this month until one is crowned victorious.

The match for rugby, one of the biggest sporting events, took place this Wednesday at the Leicester Tigers stadium with students and the public in the stands.

The women’s rugby match resulted in a 44-0 win for UoL and the men’s team quickly followed with a 50-3 win for UoL.

Despite the rugby results, DMU only stand one point behind UOL so far in Varsity, the competition continues.


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