Leicester Comedy Festival review: Struan Logan

Struan Logan: Hufflepuff

Upstairs at the Western, Leicester

Review by: Antoaneta Blagoeva

Hufflepuff was the first (good) nickname Struan got. This show tells why he got the nickname and whether it’s best to be brave, smart, cunning or just nice.

The “globetrotting comedian” has headlined throughout the UK, Australia and South East Asia. If you get the title’s reference you are already on board, if not chances are you haven’t read this far.

Struan is Scottish if you haven’t already guessed by his name, which in his opinion is the most Scottish name you can have. What makes him who he is? His booming voice, stomping around like a child and thick accent. The child goofy act was very entertaining to watch.

He engaged with the audience on a personal level, asking each one of us our name and what we’re doing with our lives. Seeing my notebook in hand he took the chance and embarrassed the heck out of me.

What makes him a shitty Scotsman but an excellent Russian? Throughout the show he took out three flasks out of his pockets. In his opinion this shows his commitment to alcoholism.

His try hard attitude was the reason he got the nickname Hufflepuff but his too-small-for-his-frame t-shirts got him the nickname Winnie the Pooh.

In his act, which is still work in progress, the joke that really got me in a fit of laughter was his religious mum. She was so religious that she even told the dog to stand up for Jesus. Struan likes balancing things out so he taught him “Sit down for Satan”.


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