Valentine’s Day battles break out

By Bethany Spence

Valentine’s Day celebrations came early for members of the De Montfort University laser tag society this week (Mon 11th) with a lively Prom themed night, featuring roses, hide-and-seek heart tag and couples tag team game modes at Megazone Leicester.

With each of the couples/teams decided via their compatibility rating as measured by an online website, many people in the society were teamed with people they had never joined up with before.

One of the most powerful teams featured chairman of the society, Louisa Stratton – otherwise known as Vader – and sharpshooter Henry Smith, best known for his appearance as a laser-wielding Gandalf at the Halloween event.

Each of the teams came dressed to kill in various suits and dresses, leading to a very suave James Bond-like team roster.

“It was a great way to put a spin on our normal Monday night society meetings, it adds a spark of extra fun beyond the usual,” said Miss Stratton.

“We do what we can to change up the weekly formula through added board game socials at Bean Gaming, quiz nights and even playing unconventional battle music in the arena due to the cooperation of the Megazone staff.

“They seem to get as much enjoyment out of watching laser tag battles to the death, punctuated by well-loved Disney songs, as we do!”



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