Council invests in city parking


By Olivia Mumby

An investment of £800,000 into city parking facilities are being planned, Leicester City Council has announced.

The investment comes as the latest phase of the Council’s Parking Improvement Programme, and the work is to take place between now and March 2020.

It aims to improve road safety outside schools, improving car parking on housing estates, improving air quality by decreasing traffic congestion, exploring future residential parking permit schemes and tackling problematic pavement parking.

Peter Soulsby, Leicester City Mayor, said: “This money is the second phase of work which began in 2016/17 to look at parking issues citywide, and what we could do to improve the situation.

“In many cases these overlap with wider concerns such as traffic congestion, road safety near schools and air quality, all of which are addressed in these latest schemes.

“We are currently consulting on introducing controlled pavement parking in Harrison Road, and brought in a similar scheme in Braemar Drive, Rushey Mead in 2017, which has helped ensure there’s enough space for both cars and pedestrians to use the area safely.”

The council is also hoping that the investment will be beneficial to its ‘shop local’ agenda by encouraging customers to use local businesses by providing adequate parking.

The investment is being split amongst six projects, with school safety receiving the largest share at £350,000.

£250,000 will be spent on creating parking laybys in outer estates across the city including those in Queensferry Parade, Tolcarne Road, Sunbury Green and Kashmir Road.

£150,000 is set to be spent on controlled pavement parking pilot schemes in Rushey Mead, along with ongoing feasibility assessments for Aylestone.

Evington road will benefit from a £25,000 controlled pavement parking pilot scheme, which it is hoped will encourage shoppers to visit. There will also be a review of parking for shops located in Green Lane Road.

Residents of Herschell Street, Evington will benefit from a £20,000 investment in ongoing feasibility work and consultations on parking in the area.

The remaining £5,000 will be spent on parking strategy activities aimed at cutting congestion as part of the wider Air Quality Action Plan.

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