Art exhibition to be hosted in De Montfort University student’s house

By Alex Leadbitter

A De Montfort University student has decided to host an art exhibition inside her own house next year on Friday, January 11, showcasing works of art from art students and residents of the house.

The exhibition will be called ‘Head Space’ and will feature works that represent mental health, drugs and alcohol.

Hannah Rowe-Blackman, 20, a second year fine art student, is the organiser of the unique exhibition that will be displayed throughout her entire house.

She said: “I want the artwork to be put up everywhere. In the living room, the bedrooms and all through the hallways.”

oliver art
Oliver Asbury shows off his sculptured armour and weaponry made of beer cans.

Miss Rowe-Blackman came up with the idea of hosting her own exhibition as part of her course where she has been tasked to show her work in a collaborative way.

She continued: “This is part of an ongoing project that I’ve been working on about exploring professional areas, so I thought why not make my house into one?

“I’m really interested in curating work from different artists so I may as well bring them all to my house and create a welcoming environment for them to be shown.”

She added: “I have to be harsh with what I allow to be exhibited because this is all being marked for my final grade.

“Still, everyone on my course is really talented so I have no doubt that they will all bring amazing work to be shown off”

One of the students who will be presenting their artwork will be Oliver Asbury, 21, a third year journalism and English student.

He said: “Its such an amazing thing what Hannah has done because it gives students a great opportunity to curate and showcase their work.

“A lot of students hope to find a place to perform or show off their work and this is a really cool and unique way of doing it.”

A Facebook events page will be set up where selected students and tutors will be able to attend the exhibition.

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