Art fans make Leicester Print Festival a success

By Alex Murray

Art fans from across Leicestershire visited the Leicester Print Workshop last weekend for the second annual Leicester Print Festival.

The event for all ages saw various activities take place.

Visitors were invited to take part in various activities suitable for all ages, listen to talks and to engage with other lovers of print.

All the activities on offer over the entire weekend were free, as Leicester celebrated Leicester Art Week.


There was a range of activities going on  at the event.  

Elizabeth Hawley-Lingham, a volunteer at the event, said: “We’ve got the Print Festival on yesterday and today where we’re showcasing printmaking and artist’s practice.

“We’ve got a new exhibition of different artists working in print that’s just opened so we’re promoting that.

“We’re also just allowing people to get involved in all sorts of print making activities.”

People were encouraged to take part in various printmaking activities, such as making their own prints.

A number of talks were also taking place by various artists, talking about their work and other things associated with the art of print.

Stone lithography, linocut prints and how to get into printing were only some of the topics that were discussed over the weekend.

There was also an exhibition of work by two fellows of the Leicester Print Workshop, Nína Óskarsdóttir and Mandy Payne, whose work was on display for visitors to view.

Mrs Hawley-Lingham, who also volunteers at the print workshop, added: “It’s also been quite busy.

“We’ve had a steady flow of people, today and yesterday we had about 220 people so we’re hoping to match that today if possible.”

The people who visited the event were treated with their own print they could take home, and also had the opportunity to look around the studios of various artists working at the print studios.

Artwork was also on sale, with various cards posters and prints available to buy.


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