House of Verse to hold interplanetary extravaganza

By Ollie Heppenstall

Performing arts group House of Verse will be travelling out of this world this December as they prepare to hold a space-themed show.

Working with local mental health group Bright Sparks, the group are holding their show on Saturday December 1 at the Attenborough Arts Centre.

Jenny Hibberd, coordinator for House of Verse, said: “We’ve been working with Bright Sparks on a series of workshops for people with mental health battles, and we stumbled on the idea of having a sort of Space United Nations.

“We were getting people to design their own planets, and we realised that it was something we could take and develop into something that’d be really exciting.

The show will take place on the 1st December, and the organisers are encouraging people to attend the event.

She also said: “The first half is to do with people presenting their planets in a variety of ways, so there’s people doing dances, raps, spoken word and more.

“The second half is the social side of it, so people getting to know each other and what they’ve been working on.”

She said: “what I love about it is the inclusive nature of it, it’s all about belonging and finding something that you like that you perhaps didn’t know you liked.”


Jenny Hibberd, House of Verse coordinator.





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