Family light party to be held at Leicester Cathedral

By Alex Leadbitter

Leicester Cathedral is hosting a light party tonight(WedOct31) which will be open to families.

View of Leicester Cathedral’s picturesque main entry (credit: Colin Smith)

The light party aims to create a fun alternative for families and children who want a change from the usual trick or treating on Halloween.

Leicester Cathedral is focusing less on the frightful part of Halloween and more on the lighter side, and also to educate the children on the religious aspects of the night.

The party will include games and music, along with food that will be available for all of the families.

Andy Heafford, the Head of Education for  Leicester Cathedral, said: “The idea is to give parents an alternative to Halloween.

“We think we’ve got a message here, a positive message.”

Preparations have begun as Mr Heafford has been out gathering games as well as food for tonight’s festivities.

He continued: “I’ve been out around town collecting different bits for tonight.

“We’re expecting over 100 people including about 75 kids so I’ve had to gather quite a lot.”

This is the first light party that the Leicester Cathedral will have hosted on Halloween but expectations are high with an exciting evening of fun and games planned ahead.

The party will be held at Leicester Cathedral from 6.15pm – 7.45pm.

For more information about this event and other similar events happening in the Leicester Cathedral, visit


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